Termite Inspection Adelaide

Adelaide homes are renowned for being the most difficult to detect and eradicate termites in Australia.

With over 28 years’ experience we know Adelaide houses and the concealed areas that termites can gain entry into your home.

The most common inspection is the Visual Inspection. This inspection is a comprehensive look at the property starting with the exterior, checking out buildings, fences, trees, stumps, sleepers, probing timbers that may contain termites. Our aim here is to find any trace or current or previous activity.

We also look for signs of previous Treatments, checking the metre box fortreatment notices and paths for drill holes. Termiteconducive conditions are noted checking downpipes, hot water overflows and air conditioner runoffs etc. to ensure water is not being dropped next to the foundations.

The 3-in-1 functionality makes the Termatrac T3i the best available tool for Pest Control Professionals. Termite risk areas are easily identified using the Remote Thermal Sensor with Laser Guide and/or the built in Moisture Sensor. Termatrac's patented Termite Detection Radar is then used to accurately detect, confirm and track the presence of termites, plus precisely locate nests, mud-leads, and entry points to ensure a cost-efficient and effective treatment can be applied to only the areas required. This tool is used in conjunction with a powerful torch and termite probe.

The visual inspection then extends to any accessible roof voids, where timbers are sounded, probed and visually inspected. Insulation is lifted to critical areas and top plates checked.


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