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Spiders are classed as arachnids, belonging to the same group as scorpions, ticks and crabs. Spider Control Sydney World wide there are more than 30,000 different types of spiders. In Australia there is a little over 2000. Most are not harmful to humans. Spiders are helpful as they eat harmful insects.

Strike first provides exclusive Spider control Sydney services that take care of all those pesky spiders – poisonous or not to provide a safe & secure property! Our spider control Sydney services constitute of:

Around Sydney some of the spiders that are considered dangerous are the Sydney funnel-web, Red back, Mouse spider, Black house spider, White tailed spider and some varieties of Wolf spiders. If bitten contact the poisons information line on 131126 for advice. If possible catch the spider that bit you for correct identification. Find out more information on spiders by visiting this web site Spiders of Australia.


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