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Ants primarily cause problems when they enter buildings searching for food and water. Ants Pest Control SydneyA wide range of foods can attract ants. Some like sweets others may prefer meat, fats or oils. When an ant finds a desirable food source then it can recruit other ants from the nest to help gather the food, hence you can get large numbers of ants in a short period of time.

Whether it is getting rid of ants in your garden, kitchen or from your wardrobes, our efficient & effective ant pest control NSW squad, is certified, trained & experienced & trained to do it the say it is most preferred- safe & secure!

Ants can nest in walls , roof voids, sub-floors, pot plants, under paths and pavers, in trees, gardens or in your yard. A few species may attack electrical wiring; they may be attracted to the magnetic fields the wires produce or the insulation. If disturbed they can move nesting sites or move with a change of food source. This can make control difficult. Ants can be a health risk as they can travel through dirty areas and onto food handling areas or food utensils carrying with them diseases.


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