Glass Splashbacks Sydney

Millennium Tiling can supply and installs glass splashbacks throughout the Sydney metropolitan area in both homes and commercial properties. Splashbacks give a wonderfully clean, stylish look to your kitchen, bathroom or featured room. We can specifically cater to the exact deluxe colour of your choice. If an exact colour is not necessary then normal colour backed glass is the economical choice. Large Splashbacks, or glass near a heat source, need to be toughened for safety reasons. Splashbacks can also be installed in Slump or textured glass. We also have new 'Metalic Fleck" (as seen at the Sydney Homeshow) for those wanting to make more of a statement. Splash backs are also used in many residential and commercial applications where tiles were previously the order of the day. The colour range is endless. Use your own imagination now with our professional. At Millennium tilling, Splashbacks can be utilized in a wide variety of commercial applications cross Sydney. From School science rooms (as pictured) to elevators, bar backdrops and full Foyer walls.


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