Concrete Grinding And Polishing

Stone Solutions is the source for all domestic and commercial flooring solutions. We have been in the concrete grinding and polishing and high Pressure Cleaning business in Sydney. With years of experience we are committed to providing a high standard of excellence on every job, from its inception to completion. We offer full service flooring solutions for residential and commercial properties. Stone Solution is own small family business and over the past few years has grown to a medium size business capable of handling projects both domestic and commercial with ease. Stone Solutions works in the field of restoration of all surfaces areas in Stone Floor, stone grinding and polishing, concrete grinding and polishing, Polished Porcelain, marble stone resurfacing and high pressure cleaning. Stone solutions will consistently provide products and services that exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. We have highly skilled and professional tradesmen throughout Sydney areas.

Stone Solutions offer a range of quality high pressure cleaning, concrete grinding and polishing services to the residential and commercial Industry at competitive price. Our fully qualified concrete grinding and concrete polishing technicians operate to the highest safety standards with effective manner. Stone Solutions bring a fresh appeal to your floor and save thousands in replacement costs. Whether your floor is old or new, indoors or outdoors. We'll help you create the desired effect on any type of flooring such as: Stone Floor, stone grinding and polishing, concrete grinding and polished, Polished Porcelain, marble and stone resurfacing, high pressure cleaning.

Concrete grinding and polishing:

At Stone Solution, concrete grinding polishing is our specialty in Sydney. We believe that a quality polished concrete floor involves more than just creating a smooth shiny finish. A professionally and successfully polished concrete floor increases durability as well as beauty of the concrete. Stone solution is easily maintained, without the hard strains. It will present classic chic looks that outlast for generations Stone Solutions Polished Concrete will provide a fresh and comforting atmosphere along with a non-cluttered, healthy breathing environment; avoid those germs that get trapped in timber and carpet.

High pressure cleaning:

Stone Solutions Services can pressure clean all surfaces for the Residential, Commercial and Industrial across Sydney. High pressure cleaning utilizes water in a high pressure form to remove surface layers of stains. We use the most powerful industrial strength machinery to get rid of the toughest of stain. Usually pressurized water alone will suffice to clean 90% of general stains, however, for harder to rid stains such as oil stains, cement render and chewing gum we use a variety of environmentally methods.


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