Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Steam Cleaning:

Hygienex Cleaning Services was established in 1980. Our humble beginings saw us start in the Medical Industry where we developed our cleaning processes in conjuction with the Victorian Cleaning Standards for Medical Facilities.

Carpet Cleaning:
Because there are so many methods to clean carpets, you will require our professional technicians to recommend the best and safest cleaning method for your investment. They will explain exactly what's going to be done and answer any inquiries to set any fears you might have at rest before getting stuck into the job. Hygienex Carpet steam Cleaning will provide you with the complete carpet cleaning service that you expect.

Some of the services we offer include:

* Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning
* Deodorizing to get rid of pet odors and odors that build up in carpets over the years
* Flood Restoration


High Pressure Cleaning Sydney



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